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project name: SuperMP3
target platform: KolibriOS, x86, x86-64 achitectures
compiler: flat assembler 1.60
version: 0.7
last update: 25th October 2005
maintained by: Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest
Initial version of mp3 player.
Source can be used in tag editor or converter later
;0.7: SuperMP3 released at 25/10/2005
;Contributor1: Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest;
;Contributor2: Alexei Ershov aka ealex;
;Contributor3: Madis Kalme aka Madis;
;0.66-0.70 Contributor1 added
;* decoding of Genre field at ID3V1 tag
;* decoding of Copyright, Original and Emphasis fields at frame header
;* we are taking into account now [header_at] during calculation of duration and quantity of frames
;0.65 Contributor3 rewrote
;*extract_bits (he used his Extracteax macro) and decode_bitrate functions
;0.61-0.64 Contributor2 made
;* Xing header reading: correct time, bitrate and number of frames for VBR files
;* ID3v2 detecting and writing its version
;* Header search. Added 'Header found at' field. If file has no frames, error message is shown
;* Russian tag support (in windows-1251 encoding)

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