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project name: CPUID
target platform: KolibriOS, x86 (IA-32), x86-64 achitectures
compiler: flat assembler 1.67.21
version: 2.21
last update: 18th May 2007
maintained by: Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest

   vendors -
                  Intel, AMD, VIA, Cyrix,
                  IDT (Centaur),Transmeta
  features -
                  CPU frequency; Internal Name;
                  Standard Features; Multiplier and System Clock;
                  CPU signature(family, model,stepping);
                  Codename; L1, L2 and L3 Caches; Technology;
                  CPU Vendor; Logo for Vendors; Type; Brand;
                  Calculation of PR-rating for AMD AthlonXP;
                  Extended Features; performance test;
                  Highest input values for
                  standard and extended calls
3.0: CPUID 18/05/2007 (not finished)
Authors: Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest
(+) fixed typo, which makes selection of incorrect codename for AMD F8x CPU's;
2.2: CPUID 01/05/2007
Authors: Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest, Iliya Mikhailov aka Ghost, /^S0rG^\, Pavel Rymovskiy aka Heavyiron, Leency
(+) creative work by Leency - logos now much better and they take less size;
(+) changes from Heavyiron: client-relative drawing, title with function 0. It means the end of compatibility with MenuetOS!
(+) real-time RAM monitoring (previous versions showed changed amount of available RAM only at redraw event or CPUID window activation);
(+) fixed address of LAHF feature, added detection of CMPL, SVM, MOVCR8 technologies for AMD;
(+) fixed L2 cache size detection for VIA (they changed format from 8 bits to 16 bits several years ago);
(+) more macroses for Interface and Threads (from Menuett.inc written by /^S0rG^\, 2002), sources separated into several include files;
(++) more info about caches for VIA and Transmeta;
(+) added detection of DCA, SSSE3, VMX technologies for Intel;
(+) updated multiplier detection for AMD and Intel (thanks a lot to Ghost);
2.1: CPUID 10/01/2007
Author: Sergey Kuzmin aka Wildwest;
(++) more info about caches for AMD and Intel
(+) redesign
(+) fixes for names of some extended features
(+) fixed missing technology for some AMD64 cpu's
(+) detection of dual-core AMD Opteron, but I came to conclusion that detection of AMD Fxxh CPU's should be changed (don't know how yet);
(+) new caches for Intel;
(+) fixed Celeron detection based on L2 cache size for newest Intel CPU (there are Celeron models with 512 Kb);
(+) CPUID now display System Clock with accuracy 0.01 MHz;
(+) new logo for Intel (they changed it some time ago);

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